A youngster is seen standing on the roof of a shanty in a picture that has gone popular on social media. The boy is illuminated by the streetlights.

Avnish Sharan, an IAS official, also tweeted this image. "If there is fire, it must be lighting," he said.

Social media users have commended the child in the snapshot for his or her incredible dress sense. It has gone viral and become a hot topic.

On social media, this post is receiving countless comments and reviews. This story has become a huge viral just after the post.

Many individuals have requested that the youngster receive genuine praise and appropriate support for their continued schooling.

Hopefully, many children in India will find this viral message to be very inspiring. So try to spread it thoroughly.

If you follow the comments on the social media you will know that many people are demanding financial help for his education and future.

Apart from that some others are expecting the better future of India from the inspirational viral post.

Sometimes before a viral post was created because a student was studying sociology honour train bunk. It is quite similar to the story for sure.

Many observers on social media is saying that hardles may come in the path of success but the little child will go through all with his efforts and dedication.