Photographs of what may be the enormous skeleton of the largest dinosaur ever found in Europe have been released by researchers at the University of Lisbon.

Based on evidence from the dig, the Portuguese steam concluded that the skeleton might belong to a Sauropod, a four-legged plant-eating herbivorous dinosaur.

According to researchers, the dinosaur's skeleton is about as tall as a four-story home.

A Portuguese resident finds a number of bone bits in the garden. And the excavation by the researchers began.

Actually, the man found these bones in the garden five years ago. It may be the biggest dinosaur skeleton ever discovered in Europe, according to speculation.

The bones, according to the experts, date to the upper Jurassic period, which lasted from 100 to 160 million years ago.

One of the largest animals in the planet, dinosaurs were herbivorous animals that walked on four legs and had long necks and tails.

According to the researchers' findings, the specimen is around the size of a four-story townhouse, measuring 40 feet tall and 82 feet long.

In 2017, the garden's owner came across the prehistoric bones while working on a building project.

 Malafia and other researchers from the University of Lisbon were immediately hired by him, and they began their initial investigation of the side that same day.