According to London Mayor Sadiq Khan on Wednesday, Tuesday was the fire service's busiest day since World War II

A record-breaking heatwave that hit the nation at the start of the week resulted in "yesterday being the busiest day for the fire department in London since the Second World War,"

the London Fire Brigade receives between 300 and 350 calls on an average day. 500 calls are made on a busy day. It received more than 2,600 on Tuesday

He claimed that on Tuesday, 41 homes were damaged in London, and that more than a dozen fires in the capital each required 30 engines

Firefighters in London are dealing with a massive increase in emergency calls as Europe battles an unheard-of heat wave

The problem with London is that there is a lot of grass and greenery that encroaches on homes. And after a prolonged period without rain

the scene of a fire in the village of Wennington, east London, after temperatures reached 40C for the first time ever, causing significant transportation disruption and fires to spread quickly

It is crucial that we understand that one result of climate change and these temperatures is the kind of fires you are experiencing