After pleading guilty to a number of criminal counts, a guy who farted in the face of a police officer was sentenced to 34 months in prison.

On March 21, Matthew Hapgood was taken into custody and decided to fart into the face of the arresting officer.

He had been found in possession of some vape goods from a neighboring garage as well as beer and cider that cost £33 from Tesco.

On August 26, the court was told that during the arrest, Hapgood "broke wind in the officer's face."

At Oxford Crown Court, he later entered pleas of guilty to robbery, shoplifting, possessing a bladed article, and criminal damage.

Judge Ian Pringle QC explained to the court during the hearing how Hapgood had a "lengthy" criminal past that includes an astounding 83 offenses.

You had a long history, he said, with at least 31 prior convictions for 83 offenses, all of which were mostly related to a drug or alcohol addiction.

Providing mitigation, Ronan McCann stated that his client's issues were related to "long-term addiction in regard to substances."

Stuart Cook, who had been detained for cannabis possession in Aberdeen, Scotland, in 2019 put the police in a similar scenario.

Cook "screamed expletives" and "puffed out his chest at policemen" as he was being driven to the police station after a minor amount of marijuana was found, according to the Mirror.

Cook "deliberately farted in the direction of the officer three times, stating, 'how do you like that?'" it was subsequently stated at a hearing.