Miracle in the Jungle: How Colombian Children Survived 40 Days on Cassava Flour and Fruit After Plane Crash

The plane disappeared from the radar shortly after takeoff and was later found in a remote area of the Amazon rainforest.

Five people, including the pilot and the children's parents, tragically died in the crash.

The children managed to escape the wreckage and sought shelter under a large tree.

During their 15-day ordeal, the children sustained themselves by eating flour, candy, and fruit they found in the jungle.

They also relied on drinking water from a nearby stream.

The children endured hunger, cold, insect bites, and infections during their time in the jungle.

A rescue team, utilizing helicopters, drones, and ground troops, successfully located the children on June 11.

The survivors were airlifted to a hospital in San Jose del Guaviare for recovery.

Authorities are investigating the cause of the crash and the reasons for the delay in finding the survivors.