announcement made on Saturday that would encourage additional spending on treating the once-rare disease and make the competition for limited vaccinations worse

until May, when officials discovered dozens of infections in Europe, North America, and other places- declared by WHO.

Public health emergencies like the COVID-19 pandemic, the West African Ebola outbreak in 2014, and the Zika virus in Latin America in 2016 have all been designated emergencies by the WHO

The emergency declaration mainly acts as an appeal to focus more resources and attention on an outbreak on a worldwide scale.

Given that the U.N. health agency is virtually powerless to persuade nations to take action, previous statements had a mixed reception.

The WHO expert group stated last month that the global monkeypox outbreak did not yet constitute an international catastrophe.

As stated by the U.S. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 74 nations have recorded more than 16,000 cases of monkeypox.

Only in Africa, where a more severe strain of the virus is growing, primarily in Nigeria and Congo, have deaths from monkeypox been documented.