Most Happy Sad Angry Countries in the World. Know different interesting facts about the matter here in this story.

On a daily basis, we ask people this straightforward question, which elicits a wide range of responses and feelings, from happiness to sadness. 

Gallup, a US-based analytics company, polled 151,000 respondents about their moods the day before in 143 countries in 2018. 

 Were they upset or furious? Did they laugh or smile? Did they pick up anything new? 

More than seven in ten people stated they felt treated with respect (87%), smiled or laughed a lot (74%) and experienced a lot of satisfaction (71%).

For a few years, Gallup's index of pleasant experiences around the world had been declining, but that trend changed in 2018,

with more people reporting positive experiences the day before the survey than in 2017.

Since 2015, Paraguay has held the top spot in the world for Positive Experiences. It is a small South American nation with a laid-back attitude.

Nigeria, the most populated nation in Africa, also has the world's biggest smile. More than nine out of ten Nigerians responded positively to the

......question of whether they had smiled or laughed a lot the day before, according to the research.

Despite the joy and optimism that characterize life in Australia and New Zealand, neither nation scored among the top or lowest five worldwide for any emotion.