The most popular search term on Google is a subject that is always changing. Given that they frequently appear first 

......and second on the ranking table, YouTube and Facebook are undoubtedly the most searched for keywords on Google.

Facebook receives 1.2 billion searches, while Google alone receives 580.7 million. YouTube receives 1.4 billion searches. 

This score is not tied to any specific brand, but it changes based on the most common and popular online searches.  

 Keywords with short terms, such as YT for YouTube and FB for Facebook, also rise in the ranks.

What are Google's top 100 search terms? Enjoy data for the US, UK, and the entire world, together with a concise analysis of the main search trends.

We calculated the top keywords for June 2022 based on annual search volume and the top keywords for that month based on percentage month-over-month growth.

It should come as no surprise that some of the top keywords generating the most traffic globally over the previous year. 

The top three were "Youtube," "Facebook," and "Translate," with "Pornhub" coming in second.

"Translate" enters our top three most searched phrases for the first time, and "weather" jumps into our top five, with around 200 million searches each month.

As the movie star's protracted legal struggle came to a close, the keyword term "jonny depp judgment" saw a significant surge in search volume of over 2,800%.