When it was measured at 4.014 inches, or more than 10 centimetres, Isaac Johnson, 

A teenager from Minnesota, USA, broke his own Guinness World Record for the biggest mouth gape.

The young man, who took home the trophy for the third consecutive year, had enough room in his mouth to fit four stacked McDonald's cheeseburgers.

When he opened his lips 3.67 inches, Minnesotan Isaac Johnson took home the award for the biggest male mouth gape in 2019.

However, Pennsylvanian Phillip Angus outran the youngster with a 3.75-inch-wide mouth gape.

When he opened his mouth 4 inches in 2020, Isaac regained the title. Two years later, on the set of Lo Show dei Record in Milan

After his own record in Milan, Italy he broke the record a third time with an astounding mouth gape of 4.014 inches.

In a video provided by GWR on YouTube, the youngster opens his jaws like a marine apex predator to show off his Guinness World Record-breaking mouth's capacity......

.......in comparison to the amount of food he can put in it, including a jar of Pringles, a can of Coca-Cola, and four McDonald's cheeseburgers.

Before the family realised that the teen could break records, he had simply thought of his huge mouth gape as a fun party trick.

 It was quite crazy to think about in 2015 when we realised it might be a Guinness World Records title because we never imagined it would result in anything.