A young Kentucky kid of 8 found a touching method to pay tribute to his late younger brother.

Crayons, markers, and writing paper worth $350 were recently presented by Greyson Brooks to Estes Elementary School in Owensboro.

Because his brother Wyatt would have been in that class, the third grader requested that the materials be utilised by incoming kindergarteners.

According to Destiny Hayes, Wyatt's mother, "He doesn't want Wyatt (his brother) to be forgotten."

Wyatt passed away from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) in 2017 when he was 4 months old. Soon later, Greyson began carrying Wyatt's framed photo around with him.

Greyson, who was 3 at the time, frequently inquired about Wyatt's whereabouts and expected return, according to Hayes,

According to Hayes, who spoke to the media source. Wyatt was a "very sweet baby," as the saying goes.

She claimed that Greyson had come up with the concept of organising a fundraising for kindergarten school supplies in Wyatt's honour.

Today was told by Hayes, "I'm extremely proud of him. "He went out and chose everything himself."