Researchers explain how a parasite alters a cell's identity by injecting a protein into the nucleus. Have a look in the story for all details.

The parasite Toxoplasma infects the majority of humans on the world. The success of this microscopic parasite's spread throughout the body, 

...... including to the brain, is now shown by a study led by researchers at Stockholm University. 

Once infected, immune cells are taken over by the parasite. The scholarly journal Cell Host & Microbe published the study's findings.

The diverse functions of immune cells in the body are extremely rigorously controlled in order to combat infections.

According to Arne ten Hoeve, a researcher at Stockholm University's Wenner-Gren Institute's Department of Molecular Biosciences,

..... "We have now identified a protein that the parasite utilizes to modify the immune system."

According to the study, the parasite injects the protein into the immune cell's nucleus, changing the cell's identity.

 Immune cells are deceived by the parasite into believing they are a different kind of cell. 

The immune cell's activity and gene expression are altered as a result.

Toxoplasma causes infected cells that ordinarily shouldn't move across the body to do so swiftly, which allows the parasite to migrate to many organs.