An eatery in Lutyens' Delhi will serve a 56-inch thali for ten days to honor Prime Minister Narendra Modi's birthday, which is on September 17.

As part of the program, two lucky winners will also have the opportunity to visit the Kedarnath shrine.

According to proprietor Suveett Kalra of the Ardor 2.1 restaurant in Connaught Place, thalis are the specialty of the establishment.

Narendra Modi is a prime minister that we adore. Our restaurant's thalis are well-known. The 56-inch thali is made up of 56 dishes that have been combined into a single dish. 

It is to honor his contributions to the nation and its inhabitants as well as to celebrate his birthday, Kalra told PTI.

According to Kalra, two winners will be selected from people who consume the thali between September 17 and September 26 ........

....... and they will get the opportunity to take a free vacation to Kedarnath, one of Modi's favorite locations.

A family will receive joy from the thali by having their trip to the Kedarnath shrine organized. I think this will make Modiji very delighted personally," he continued.

The thali will include 20 distinct sabzi varieties, a selection of breads, dal, gulab jamun, and kulfi.

There are 56 foods from north India on the thali. The cost of the vegetarian lunch thali is Rs 2,600 plus taxes, while the cost of the non-vegetarian thali is Rs 2,900 plus taxes.

According to Kalra, the two contestants would each receive Rs 8.5 lakh if they complete the thali in 40 minutes.