Revolutionary Tax Break: File Income Taxes for Free with the IRS in 2024! Learn How

πŸ†• IRS launches "Direct File" pilot for free online tax preparation.

πŸ“… Available in 13 states in 2024; limited to individuals (not businesses).

πŸ“± Mobile-friendly, interview-based service in English & Spanish.

πŸ—ΊοΈ Eligibility for taxpayers in states without state income tax.

🌐 Some states collaborating for state taxes integration.

🧩 To evaluate program's feasibility & operational challenges.

πŸ“œ Mandated by the Inflation Reduction Act signed by President Biden.

πŸ‘€ Testing system navigation, customer service, and taxpayer interest.

πŸ’° Focus on returns with specific income types and credits.

🚫 Direct File is one option, won't replace tax pros, Free File, or paper filing.

πŸ“₯ IRS encourages electronic filing for faster processing.

πŸ“’ More details forthcoming as the pilot progresses.