Over 384,000 people were impacted by roughly 92,000 infected files spread through 28 games between July 2021 and June this year, including well-known games like Roblox, FIFA, PUBG, and Minecraft.

Elden Ring, Halo, and Resident Evil are three more popular gaming franchises that were actively targeted by attackers who disseminated "RedLine" malware, according to Kaspersky experts.

RedLine is a password-stealing program that steals sensitive information from the victim's device, including passwords, bank card information that has been saved, cryptocurrency wallets.

In order to assault users and steal their credit card information as well as their gaming accounts, which may contain expensive skins that can later be sold.......

........cybercriminals are always coming up with new strategies and tools. For instance, protests against e-sports.......

......which are currently acquiring enormous global appeal "explained senior security researcher at Kaspersky Anton V. Ivanov.

Researchers found Trojan Spies, a type of malware that can track any data written on the keyboard and take screenshots......

.......in addition to the enormous number of downloaders that are able to set up other undesirable programs and adware.

Scammers build fake pages that mimic the look and feel of in-game stores for "CS:GO, PUBG, and Warface."

Players must submit login information for their Facebook or Twitter accounts in order to receive the prize.

Researchers found that after gaining control of accounts, attackers often prey on the trust and carelessness of the victim by asking acquaintances for money.