Yes it is possible. Learn about how to scan documents that are very required for any purpose by using your Apple device.

There is no denying the fact that iPhone are multifunctional gadgets. Nowadays this device is not only we usedfor making calls.It has several other functions as well.

Browsing in social media, purchasing different things from E-Commerce sites, reminding any date or alarm setting everything includes in the list of dos of an Apple device.

Do you know you are able to scan can any document by using your iPhone in moments. This is definitely an ahead step in digital world.

Let's have a look on the process of scanning your documents by using iPhone. Apple devices contain a upgraded technology that allows to scan any document.

Open the note app of your apple device and create new document as the bottom of the right corner of your device screen.

You will find the camera icon above the keyboard. This will help you to can any of your document by using the iPhone camera.

 By using the camera of your iPhone mobile you can take a picture of the document and save it. Yellow highlight will arise on the screen to indicate what is being scanned by the device.

After completing the scanning procedure you may save the file and exit the camera. Now check if the document has been scanned or not.

 After saving the scanned document you can find this at the note app. Apart from that it allows you to crop and edit as well.

The process of scanning any document by using iPhone device camera is really simple and convenient to use. So there is no need to visit a cyber cafe for scanning your document anymore.