Some Amazing Facts About The USA. Here you will get all the significant and important facts about the USA here briefly in this story.

The United States is ranked first globally according to the Global Competitiveness Report, yet it is essentially the only positional advantage the US has.

The United States ranks fairly highly when it comes to all negative statistics, from child gun fatalities to the Global Peace Index.

The majority of Americans have a positive perception of where their country stands in the world, yet there are many things about it that no American should take pride in. 

The worst things that most Americans either don't want to know or, at the very least,

Perhaps wish weren't true are highlighted on this list, but they are regrettably true.

In the United States, using a credit card to pay for nearly anything has become routine, but other countries haven't adopted the practice as readily.

They are becoming more popular, but a decade ago you couldn't buy anything in Germany with them, and the same is true of many European and Asian countries.

Credit and debt are merely a way of life for Americans. American culture is heavily influenced by capitalism and consumer-driven marketplaces,

Which means that people here prefer to buy things and frequently do so with credit.

For most people, $38K is already a large sum, but when you put it all up, you can see exactly how deeply in debt the country is.