Ko Sesha, a lyricist, claims there are meat parts in vegetarian meals and demands Swiggy apologize.

On Thursday, Tamil film lyricist Ko Sesha claimed that he had discovered pieces of meat inside a vegetarian dish he had ordered from a restaurant using Swiggy 

On Wednesday, Sesha claimed to have ordered "gobi manchurian with corn fried rice" from a restaurant and to have discovered meat in the food.

The fact that Swiggy offered compensation of £70 for "offending my spiritual sensibilities" was also criticized by the user.

"I found hen meat in the 'gobi manchurian with corn fried rice' that I ordered from @tbc india on @Swiggy......

What's worse is that Swiggy's customer service offered me Rs. 70 (!!!) as compensation for "offending my spiritual emotions," he tweeted.

Sesha sought an apology from Swiggy and mentioned that he is a committed vegetarian, but a non-veg meal came to him.....

"I have always been a committed vegetarian, and I find it repugnant to think how nonchalantly they sought to buy my principles.....

I demand that a Swiggy consultant, preferably the State Head, call me and offer my personal apologies.

I also reserve the right to legal representation," he added. Additionally, he posted on social media images of what he claimed to be meat.

Swiggy commented, "Hello there. We apologize for our restaurant partner's error, which resulted in you receiving the wrong goods.