A bird, that is. It's an aircraft. The nation's fastest municipal internet service is on its way to a city and convention centre in Tennessee.

A 25 Gigabits per second internet service has been made available to the entire neighbourhood by EPB, a Chattanooga-based provider of internet

All local residential and commercial customers will have access to the service, which is run entirely on fibre optics.

The  company's vice president of strategic communications, "what we have essentially done is laid a community-wide fibre to the home

And fibre to the business network, so every single premise, home, and business has fibre running directly to the facility or the home.

The action follows the introduction of EPB's gigabit internet service in 2010 and its 10-gig internet service in 2015.

Residential 25 gigabit internet service will cost $1,500 per month, while commercial service will cost $12,500.

As stated in an email from Sophie Moore, a public relations specialist for EPB, "25-gig is available to every business

But it is best utilised today in commercial applications with very high bandwidth needs (hundreds or thousands of simultaneously streaming devices)

The Chattanooga Convention Center is the first location to receive 25-gig service as a part of a community wide network, according to EPB.

Thousands of attendees will be able to link their devices during events like business conferences, e-gaming tournaments, and live streaming occasions.