5 and 6 disappeared? There is no such thing as coincidence, as every seasoned investigative journalist is aware.

So why hasn't the Secret Service come out and said it? That solution is already known. Everyone lies is the second tenet of investigative journalism

All federal agencies must keep records that detail their operations, according to the Federal Records Act and the nearby Code of Federal Regulations.

Therefore, they must store them securely and make them easily accessible in order to comply with the law.

Text messages and emails cannot be deleted. Yes, you can remove them from your phone and laptop, but due to the advanced technology used to create them, they still exist.

Perhaps easily accessible on other servers. Perhaps, awkwardly, amid the obscure corners and crevices of cyberspace.

Take solace in the knowledge that the National Security Agency (NSA) can, should, and ideally will collect them even if the Secret Service claims they can't or are simply reluctant to do so.

The president may have 150, 200, or even more agents in front of him, alongside him, and behind him when he departs the White House, according to anyone who has followed him.