Because a ticket that initially cost you less than $40 may ultimately end up costing you far over $150, it can be very perplexing.

Be aware that you can anticipate an additional 20% in fees if you receive a ticket or citation in the state of California.

For instance, if the ticket is $50, there will also be a $10 surcharge fee that you must pay.

There are additional costs that may be applied, such as: Assessment of County and State Penalties EMS Penalty Evaluation Assessment of DNA Identification Penalties

Many people will choose to plead guilty and others will choose to go to driving school to keep their record clean.

What happens if You decide to pay my traffic ticket or enter a guilty plea? Lets find the answers.

At the courthouse or easily online, pay your ticket You may attend a traffic school (which also has a fee).

You'll accrue points on your driving record. Tickets will cause your auto insurance to increase.

What happens if I decide to contest the ticket and plead not guilty? Go to court and make an effort to present your side of the story.

Either you or an attorney may speak on your behalf. You can agree to a plea deal to have the charges reduced to a lesser offence.