Tropical Cyclone Biparjoy Update: Good News...Will Make Delay Landfall in Gujarat- Official

Cyclone Biparjoy is expected to make a delayed landfall on the Gujarat coast with decreased wind speed.

Over 94,000 individuals from eight coastal districts have been shifted to safer locations by the state administration in Gujarat.

The storm is now expected to hit the coast around 9pm and 10pm on Thursday with a wind speed of 115-125 kmph.

The landfall process is predicted to begin around 8pm and may continue until midnight due to the region's unique coastal structure.

The cyclone is severe and expected to maintain the same intensity, covering a large area of about 300km in diameter.

Moderate rain and light thunderstorms are expected in several districts of Gujarat in the next three hours.

Despite the reduced intensity, authorities in the state remain cautious and maintain a high level of preparedness.

The Gujarat chief minister has emphasized proactive measures and directed relevant departments and agencies to take necessary actions.

The state government, along with armed forces and defense forces, is collectively working to mitigate the effects of the cyclone and ensure the safety of the affected population.

Over 94,000 people residing in the cyclone-prone areas have been successfully evacuated, with specific numbers for each district mentioned.