After consuming raw oysters, a restaurant patron in Fort Lauderdale passed away from a bacterial infection.

This month, a man from Pensacola, Florida, died in a similar manner. Louisiana oysters were involved in both instances.

The man who passed away had previously worked at the eatery known for its garlic crabs, according to Gary Oreal

We have served a few billion oysters over the period of 60 years, and nobody has ever gotten sick like this person, according to Oreal.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Vibrio bacteria have no effect on how an oyster appears, smells, or tastes.

According to the organisation, over 80,000 Americans contract vibriosis annually, and about 100 of them pass away as a result.

The day after the patron started feeling unwell, inspectors from the Florida Department of Health visited the eatery and looked over its stock of oysters

 According to Dr. Robert "Wes" Farr,an oyster that appears to be in good health may actually be contaminated while not showing any symptoms.

Although getting sick after eating an oyster is extremely unlikely, those who have underlying illnesses like liver disease, diabetes, or cancer are substantially more likely to do so.

They can also be particularly dangerous for people using drugs that lower stomach acid, which is why Farr decides not to eat them himself.

Farr claims that because of the heat of the water, especially in shallower regions, summer continues to be a season when occurrences of the virus are most prominent.