After the Starlink satellite train was seen in the sky over numerous areas of India, people were perplexed.

A pilot's footage of the Pacific Ocean while flying over it has gone viral on social media and is provoking discussions about the possibility of extraterrestrial life.

Several miles away from the pilot's aircraft, a fleet of what many believe to be UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) can be seen flying in sync in the video.

The video, which was recorded from a height of 39,000 feet, opens with a view of the horizon and the sun's orange tint spreading across the sky. 

The pilot then closes in and observes about 12 lighted dots flying in perfect formation. 

There are some lights that flash, vanish, and then reappear. The specks all disappear into the cloudy landscape a short while later.

Internet users are also coming up with alternative theories about what this fleet might be if it isn't UFOs. Users speculated that it could be anti-flare missiles fired from a warship,

While others suggested that it could be a reflection of some controls within the cabin. The majority of them, though, expressed the same disbelief as the pilot who recorded the video.

These occurrences are sporadic and keep the conversation about aliens alive. One such horrifying image was recorded by Matt Doughty, a resident of Hertfordshire, England, using a smart doorbell camera. 

The notification that someone might be approaching Matt's door came over his phone. 

He astonished himself by noticing a triangular arrangement of lights flying through his house when he watched the film to find out. The spooky flying object made headlines and aroused suspicion.