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UFO Spotted in Delhi? Man Shares Photo of 'Flying Saucer' Hovering Amid Heavy Air Pollution in India's Capital, Here’s What It Was

After catching a sight of a flying saucer in Delhi, one man was rendered speechless—until he realized it wasn't a UFO at all,.......

....... but rather an optical illusion brought on by air pollution in the nation's capital. 

Thousands of viewers were also awestruck by an image of the item that was taken and posted on Twitter,...... 

 ......but only until they looked closer and realized it wasn't an alien spacecraft or an unidentified flying object.

The base of the water tower becomes virtually invisible, creating the appearance of a UFO hanging in the sky,.......

......but the top of the tower is still visible through the haze that has engulfed Delhi.

After seeing the final product, many people would probably make a double take.

Since being shared on Monday on Twitter, the image has received over 36,000 "likes" and numerous comments.

Some people in the comments section questioned the picture's veracity and claimed it was manipulated.

Others attributed the problem to Delhi's hazardous air, which has only slightly improved over the past two days after reaching "severe" earlier this month.