The claim: According to this video, a UFO is being followed by government jets. Surprising right? See the facts here.....

A video is being shared on social media by some users who claim it depicts a UFO. In the video, a spherical object is seen circling two fighter jets.

Other times, only the ground is visible in shots that appear to have been taken while the cameraperson was running.  There are sounds that sound like jets and heavy breathing.

A label on the video in a post on Facebook on July 24 reads, "UFO in flight in plain sight with government jets escorting."

In less than two weeks, the video was shared more than 2,500 times.The UFO depicted in the video, however, was created digitally.

USA TODAY requested a comment from the Facebook person who shared the post. This video is actually for entertainment.

2011 saw the upload of the video to the Oondyla YouTube channel. There are four videos on the channel, all of them are about UFOs.

The channel is for "entertainment purpose (sic) solely," according to Oondyla's About page, which also claims that the images of UFOs are computer-generated.

We evaluate the assertion that a video depicts government jets accompanying a UFO as FALSE based on our findings. The video features a computer-generated UFO.

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