The US Mail Service is an independent department of the US federal government in charge of the country's postal system.

As detailed in the sections below, tracking packages sent by US Mail is simple. Know everything about US mail services for better experience.

Remember that you can always use our global postal tracker to follow your package regardless of the tracking number you have.

Based on delivered package statistics to your zipcode/state, track now to acquire an estimated delivery time (ETA) window for your package.

The US Mail Service Tracking Number is a number that the post office employees give to every shipment that is sent. 

 It also goes by the names label and item number. A 22-digit number is typically used as a US Mail Service tracking number. 

Depending on the service you're utilizing, the amount of numbers may change. Different tracking numbers are used by various services.

Check back frequently because information is updated periodically throughout the day if there is no status available or if it hasn't changed since you last viewed it.

You can use this tool to track the progress of your shipment whether you had it picked up or dropped it off.

Over 250 Processing and Distribution Centers spread across the country are used to sort all mail collected by the US Mail Service.

Mail in a specific area, often within a range of around 320 kilometers or 200 miles, is sorted by individual centers.