Unknown caller’s name to flash on mobile phones soon? Have a look on the story for all details in this regard.

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) is expected to soon set up all-new measures to make sure that a caller’s name flashes on the screen when a user receives a call.

Additionally, the name that would be flashed would be as per the know your customer (KYC) record of users available with the telecom operators.

When this measure is implemented, subscribers would be able to find out the name of the caller even if the caller's contact is not saved in their contact list.

As of now, users can make use of third-party apps such as Truecaller to find out the identity of an unknown caller identity.

It is important to note that there are limitations to Truecaller-like apps as the data is crowdsourced,.......

.........so 100% authenticity is not guaranteed, something that will be assured in KYC data.

Additionally, the KYC data will also allow authorities to ensure that service providers have conducted the process correctly and........

.........service providers have not resorted to shortcuts due to which the identity of a caller may not be genuine.

Another advantage of the mechanism of KYC name of caller displaying on the phone screen would be that spam calls could possibly be avoided or reported.

A separate excise is also expected to be done for the calls over WhatsApp in the near future.