UFO blogs and conspiracy-minded websites routinely discuss the bizarre narrative of Pan Am Flight 914 as if it had baffled authorities for years.

This "unsolved" incident, a jet carrying 57 passengers took off from New York in 1955, vanished for 37 years, then resurfaced and landed in Miami without a trace.

The most widely accepted explanation for the mystery surrounding Pan Am Flight 914 is that the aircraft passed through a time-travel portal.

The true justification is a little less interesting: The story of Pan Am Flight 914 is a piece of fiction that was first published by the infamous tabloid Weekly World News.

With the help of a popular video that has received more than 5 million views, the YouTube channel "Bright Side" in June 2019 rekindled interest in this "mystery"

This nine-minute video's first seven minutes are devoted to the alleged mystery surrounding Pan Am Flight 914's tragedy.

 Bright Side doesn't bring up the potential that this story might be fiction until minute seven.

We infer that many viewers didn't finish the movie based on the spike in questions we saw about it towards the end of June 2019.

The history of Pan Am Flight 914 doesn't start at a 1955 airport in New York. Actually, it begins with a piece that appeared in Weekly World News three decades later.

 The notorious tabloid Weekly World News was known for publishing fantastically improbable tales like this one about a time traveller being caught for insider trading.

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