After the two ships surfaced independently to the northwest of Bergen, Norway, the British submarine hunter HMS Portland followed them

Severodvinsk, a cruise missile submarine, and Vepr, an attack submarine of the Akula class, were tracked as they made their way south down

Portland and her specialised Merlin helicopter, both of which were outfitted with cutting-edge sonars, sensors, and torpedoes

The RAF's newest long-range maritime patrol aircraft, the P8 Poseidon, assisted in the hunt for the submarines.

Two minehunters of the Sandown class that will be sold to Ukraine are currently being operated by servicemen from the Royal Navy.

It comes as Royal Navy personnel participate in specific submarine hunting exercises, which the Ministry of Defense (MoD) typically does not comment publicly on

the UK's basic military training, covers weapon handling, battlefield first aid, fieldcraft, patrol tactics, and the laws governing armed combat.

The Sandown-class minehunters were introduced to the Royal Navy in the late 1980s and are experts at locating and disarming mines in deep waters.