The relatively low rates of diabetes and heart disease among locals contribute to Washington, D.C.'s high ranking.

The city isn't ideal though, as last year's wellness check results for inhabitants fell short of the national average.

According to a research, the capital of the country has the most physically fit residents.

According to the research, West Virginia came in last place and was named the nation's least fit state, ahead of Arkansas and Mississippi.

Report authors ranked the fitness of all 50 states and Washington, D.C. using federal data on six separate parameters. These measurements included the prevalence of obesity, 

The areas seen as being in the best form typically had lower rates of diabetes, heart disease, and obesity as well as more gym options.

According to the research, the capital ranked top for having the most gyms, with 20.1 per 100,000 population.However, Washington, D.C. is not flawless.

The national average of persons who receive yearly wellness exams is 74.9 percent, but just 71.8 percent of District of Columbia residents did so in 2016.

However, in some states, there was little to no correlation between lifestyle variables and inhabitants' health status,

underscoring the fact that "demographic disparities, local infrastructure, and other factors" can have an impact on health.

According to a recent analysis, Washington, D.C. is the area in the nation that is in the best physical form, thus it isn't even a state.