After the Reddit meme "don't research the internet with what dinosaur has 500 teeth" went viral, the Nigersaurus sprang to fame as an online meme sensation. 

Frequently, a straightforward Google auto-suggest triggers some unusual events that pique public interest in a given topic or issue. 

There was nothing like the meme about this predatory dinosaur that existed 115 million years ago in the Republic of Niger, a little nation in West Africa. 

The Nigersaurus' situation is likewise similar. What did this special dinosaur look like in its heyday, then? How was it found, too?

Here, we'll give you a quick rundown of this renown "dinosaur with 500 fangs."   There was only a partial skeleton, the find frequently went undiscovered.

\Nigersaurus was originally reported in a research paper by Phillipe Taquet in 1976. The remains were initially found by this French scientist between 1965 and 1972 while on a trip in the Republic of Niger.

In 1999, an expedition was led by American paleontologist Paul Sereno from the University of Chicago to the Elrahz Formation in the Republic of Niger.

A full skeleton of this carnivorous dinosaur was discovered by him. In 2007, Sereno and his coworker Jeffrey A. 

Wilson once more provided an explanation of the Nigersaurus skull and feeding habits. 

He also gave the National Geographic Society in Washington a full-scale plastic model of the dinosaur's head.

Finding the rest of this remarkable dinosaur is one of the main objectives of this expedition so that we can describe it and recreate it for everyone to see.