Using her father's ham radio, the 8-year-old Kent, southeast England, girl communicated with American astronaut Kjell Lindgren onboard the International Space Station (ISS).

Isabella had just started to doze off on August 2 when her father roused her from sleep, pulled her outside to the radio, and shoved a microphone in her face.

 "I asked, "Why are you treating me like this? On Wednesday, Isabella told CNN, "I need my beauty sleep.

She provided Lindgren with her name and age from her father's lap. She recalled that "his voice quickly changed from regular to enthusiastic." He smiled, and you could hear it.

Following their conversation, Lindgren tweeted about it and said that he thought his interaction with Isabella might have been his "favorite contact so far."

Matthew Payne, Isabella's 42-year-old father, claimed to have been an amateur radio operator for 22 years.

He said to CNN that interactions with astronauts are brief and consist of a brief mention of your name, your call sign

(everyone with a license is given one by government agencies), and a quick thank you before saying goodbye.

Payne said, "They're only above us for 10 to 15 minutes, and we want as many people down here to have that sort of experience."

Matthew Payne and Isabella are both huge radio and astronomy enthusiasts. - According statement of Matthew Payne

According to him, astronauts use the ISS's amateur radio station to communicate with classrooms while they are in orbit.