Welcome to Clubhouse, the Next Big Social Media

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The 20th century is supposedly the era of inventions, innovative technology, new ideas, and a whole lot of social media. To acquaint ourselves, or to connect ourselves more with changing times, it has become so important to mark ourselves on social media, be that is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any form we wish to acquaint ourselves with. Engaging in newer versions of modern times is now a daily constituent of our lives; we seem to believe the fact that it makes our lives more happening and gives us something to look forward to.

As we all know, it is pretty customary to expect Apple to come up with the latest technologies to inculcate in their electronics, the most recent that they have brought along is the app called ‘Clubhouse’.

A clubhouse is a new form of social media, operating completely on the exchange of audios between various users, and as per the recent statistics, it is the fastest-growing audio-exclusive social media platform. Unlike Instagram or WhatsApp, where we can chat with our friends along with the added features of exchanging audio files or other media, with Clubhouse, the only way of connecting with another individual or organization is via audio.

With over two million weekly active users in the year 2020, the use of this platform has been growing ever since. The tagline of the official website of Clubhouse states that it is mostly a place for casual, audio drop-in conversations with anyone around the World’, and that is something that couldn’t be denied. This app is available only to Apple users across the globe, and you can join it when someone else forwards you an invite.

The acceptance of the invite is followed by the proper selection of an appropriate username. Then, you could proceed to put on a display picture for your profile which could be viewed by anyone who wishes to connect to you.

The homepage of this app consists of five main constituents:
The Magnifying glass icon, mainly to look for your known ones or the topics that might be of interest to you. The groups in this app are called clubs, very similar to the offline clubs one is used to and is used for holding up interactive sessions and discussions about specific topics in a very intricate manner.

The Envelope icon, which mainly consists of the invites, which are also limited in number. You can search for a given person and invite them to join you in a club, wherein you can listen to the conversations going on without actually having to say anything.

The Calendar icon, having a list of clubs you could associate yourself with, and this is done automatically where your previous interests are analyzed and taken care of.

The Bell icon, similar to other platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, where you can check up on the notifications you received.
Lastly, The Profile Picture, where you choose to select a picture and keep it for others to notice you and talk to you.

The functionalities of this app are quite controlled for the while, given that only audio interactions are made possible for the time being. You can just explore your best five options from the Calendar app that turns up the clubs that you might prefer, or you may explore around for any other club and decide to be a part of it. Once you’re there, you get to be in the audience and you get to listen to the conversations put forward. Once you’re there, you can invite someone else through the ‘plus’ icon you think would like to be a part of, and they could join as well.

Questions can only be put forward using the ‘Hand’ icon, and you could then choose to come ‘On stage’ and speak, something a bit similar to the Zoom app. Once on-stage, speaking could be initiated using the ‘microphone’ app and you could even get to be the Moderator if another moderator makes you one!
The best part of Clubhouse is instilled in the fact that it brings in a wide variety of users from various parts of the world. You could come out and speak, be your original self without no one judging you.

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Clubhouse allows you to make friends sharing the same likes and dislikes as you, hence, out there, you get to be the real you. With the unprecedented times, as we open up to things we have never imagined we’d open up to, trying out stuff that brings out the best versions of ourselves, away from our comfort zones could be something worth looking forward to.

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