What are the Top 10 Abandoned Cities of the World?

What are the Top 10 Abandoned Cities of the World?indianmemoir.com

The Preface

Let’s make a tour of the Top 10 Abandoned Cities of the World. These cities are making the proverb right- “Beauty is the part of danger”. This article will surely take you to the Forgotten Cities of the World.

Ordos city

Ordos city is located along the Yellow River in the Ordos Plateau. It is also well-known for its government-funded projects. The city is known as the “City of Ghosts” and is located in China. No one lives in the buildings, and just a few people may be spotted on the city’s streets. The metropolis was designed to hold a million people at one time. The building’s ability to attract people or residents may be harmed as a result of the high property tax.

Fatehpur Sikri

The second location we want to discuss in this essay is Fatehpur Sikri. It is a small town in Northern India, located on the western side of the city of Agra. The Mughal Emperor Akbar constructed this city in the 16th century. The city features various red sandstone buildings, making it a one-of-a-kind destination. Aside from that, this city is one of India’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites. However, this city is practically deserted. In any case, it can be regarded as the world’s most beautiful vacant city.

Hashima Island

The next stop on our journey will be Hashima Island, one of the most beautiful World’s Abandoned Cities. This is an island that the residents of this area abandoned. This island is around 15 kilometers from Nagasaki, Japan’s southernmost metropolis. In the Nagasaki area of Japan, there are 505 uninhabited islands. One of them is this island. The island has been known as The Ghost Island for the past 40 years. This is due to the fact that all of the buildings, flats, parks, marketplaces, and hotels are absolutely deserted. The people of this island were affluent due to a big fall in coal mining, which had a significant impact on the lives of the people who lived there.


Pyramiden is a coal mining village in Russia. This is on the Norwegian Island. Sweden founded it in 1910 and sold it to the Soviet Union in 1927. Because it is surrounded by hills that are formed like pyramids, the city is known as the Pyramiden. Since 2007, this city has been referred to as a ghost town. Because the coal mine closed in March 1998, the residents of this town left. As a result, the people are without work and facilities. As a result, they decide to leave the city.


Akamara is a Georgian city located on the seaside. It was a coal-mining city with excellent Soviet architecture. In this city, there are numerous enormous buildings and flats that are completely vacant and surrounded by forest. It is currently referred to as the “ghost town.” In the year 1986, there were in 1980, the city had a population of 40,000 inhabitants. However, due to the fall of the coal mine in this area and the arrival of the Soviet Union, the population was reduced to a few hundred individuals. Tourism was not fostered in this city due to a lack of money. Only a few people come to see this place.


Goldfield is a town in the state of Nevada. It was a town in the first decade of the twentieth century. Between 1930 and 1940, when gold was discovered, the minds of the people in this area generated more than 8 million people. In 1923, a fire devastated a large chunk of the city. Unfortunately, some structures were salvaged. This Gold City still has a small population. Because the majority of the structures are vacant.


Kuldhara is a settlement in Rajasthan’s Jaisalmer district that dates back to the 13th century. The village was previously Rajasthan’s most opulent village. And it was mostly populated by brahmins. However, for unclear reasons, the inhabitants abandoned it. Many experts believe that the community suffered from a lack of water, which was the primary cause of its demise. According to some academics, an earthquake is to blame for the calamity in this city. Many visitors come to this village to wander around and discover the village’s attractive areas.

Burj Al Babas

Burj Al Babas is a constructed residential development in the Turkish town of Murdurnu. This city is quite lovely and appealing. The architectural structures resemble a palace. These structures were constructed with the intention of selling them to foreign customers. However, the town is still deserted today.


Mandu is a historic city in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. Which is roughly a hundred kilometres away from Indore. The city’s Afghan architecture is also well-known. It served as the capital of the Muslim Empire from 1401 to 1561. However, it has been abandoned by the residents for about 400 years. Only a few individuals dwell in the town’s immediate vicinity. The city is situated alongside the Narmada River. Many people now go from all across the country to see this stunning location.

UFO City

UFO City is a one-of-a-kind concept for a city. The city is known as Sanzhi Pod City’s UFO dwelling, and it is located in the Sanchi district of New Taipei, Taiwan. The houses in this city resemble a UFO. So this has a rather unusual name. It also appears to be rather lovely and appealing. Despite being such a gorgeous city, no one lives here due to certain unfortunate tragedies that occurred during its creation.

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The Closure

Hope you enjoyed the journey in such beautiful still scary cities. Making a plan to visit one of these places will surely be an asset of memories. But do it only when you are a true explorer.


  1. What is the most abandoned city in the world?

    Pripyat, the world's most renowned abandoned city, was created in 1970 to house workers at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, which is only 1.25 miles (2 kilometres) away.

  2. What is the most abandoned place in the world?

    Because of the haunting reminders of what once was: toys in a schoolhouse, clocks all frozen at the same time, and the famous deteriorating amusement park, the location has become one of the most well-known abandoned places in the world.

  3. Which city is known as ‘Ghost City’?

    Many big urban property developments in China, dubbed “ghost cities,” have remained virtually vacant since their construction. The Indian town of Dhanushkodi is deserted. It was completely wrecked by the hurricane that hit Rameswaram in 1964, and it has been uninhabited since then.

  4. What is the most popular ghost town?

    Pripyat, Ukraine, had about 50,000 residents before being evacuated in April 1986, when a portion of the adjacent Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant detonated. This city in northern Ukraine is the world's most well-known ghost town.

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