What Impact does Covid-19 have on Mental Health?


The pandemic situation due to COVID-19 has taken a long phase of our lives. All of us well-aware of harmfulness. And as it has been suggested that lockdown or keeping ourselves within the walls is the most convenient way to avoid the COVID-19 virus.

But living within a common area for a longer period has helped u to avoid it for sure, but has left an overall bad effect on our mental health. Now here in this piece of the discussion, we will give the due stress on the impact of COVID-19 on mental health.

The Common Impacts of Corona Virus

COVID 19 is having a massive impact on mental health. People all over the world are scared, nervous, and uncertain about their survival. The coronavirus is contagious and can be spread from one person to another. Assume that people are afraid, distrustful, suspicious, and even aggressive towards their fellow human beings.

And living in such a state of mind for a long time people are behaving stranger. It can be considered that they are facing lots of inner troubles that are required to be cured. Otherwise, the effects of COVID-19 on mental health will be a bigger issue in the upcoming days.

The Impact of COVID-19 over the Indians’ Mental Situation

Apart from macro-levels of humanity, India’s mental wellbeing is being impacted on an individual level in the following ways:

Professional Threats

Indians are greatly affected by the thought of professional threats due to this pandemic. Because of this pandemic, a huge number of people were forced to leave their jobs. No wonder this an issue to be affected badly by the side of mental health.

Apart from that, people are now afraid to join their jobs again because of the professional closure at the job place. Moreover, the deteriorating financial conditions are giving the largest effects of COVID-19 on mental health.

Worry about running out of Food and other Necessities

It can be considered undoubtedly that a large number of Indian people have not that much money to be sustained for a long time without a job, business, farming, and other works they do.

So they are facing the largest threat to being out of food or other daily commodities anytime. Though the government is trying to offer help to them, that cannot be sufficient and cannot be run for a longer period.

Feeling Suspicious to each Other

Obsessive anxiety and negative feelings about the virus infecting their loved ones is the other big reason for mental stress due to the pandemic by COVID-19. Therefore the tendency to behave like a stranger has been increased these days.

Obsession on the daily Updates regarding COVID-19

Obsession with monitoring the news for updates every five minutes, and anxiety when they are unable to do so. Confusion about when the Indian lockout will end and when they will be able to resume their daily routines.

Not only that the accounts on COVID affected people, recovered people, and died people also giving huge anxiety and inner pain within us. So this point is considered as one of the large impacts of COVID-19 on mental health.

Adjustment Issues are Arising

Adjustment issues are coming forward living at home all the time and doing all of the household tasks on their own (referring to people who used to employ maids and cooks, who have now stopped coming to work).

As a result of being trapped at home with family members or a partner at all times, relationship difficulties occur, leading to more battles, disputes, and tension (this is especially applicable to people who did not have good relationships with each other in the first place).

How to Deal with this Stress in a Healthy Way

Take good care of yourself:
• Have a practice of deep breathing, stretching, or meditation.
• Make an effort to eat nutritious, well-balanced meals.
• Exercise daily.
• Make sure you get enough rest.

Take Breaks

Start to read storybooks according to your interest, watch television shows and web series, follow the social media options to keep your mind busy.

Remain in touch with Others

Do call your relatives and friends regularly to feel better and let them feel better as well.

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Indeed it’s a tough situation and leaving a bitter impact and experience on our minds. But we have to cope with all the odds for sure. And it can be done only with a strong mind. So try to live happily and make others happy in all the possible ways you can manage.

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