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What can you make your family for dinner that’s healthy and tastes good? For that, you can follow the Plate Method. This is the method or technique where you can have an idea about the fixed ratio of food on your plate. It is helpful not for a single person, but the whole family. This healthy eating plan works for everybody including people with diabetes. Indeed making nutritious healthy meals will be a snap.

What’s a Healthy Plate?
It’s a way to control your serving sizes where you don’t have to count. Simply use a 7-inch plate for children and a 9-inch plate for adults. First, divide the plate in half and fill one of them with vegetables. There are two types of vegetables starchy like potatoes, corn, peas or plantains and non-starchy like zucchini, jicama, cucumbers, carrots or salad.

Healthy Plate for Diabetes people
If you have diabetes, fill half your plate with non-starchy vegetables. Then fill 1/4 with whole grains or starches like brown rice, corn, beans or whole wheat pasta in the other quarter. Add some lean protein like tofu, grilled fish or chicken.

What about adding a side of tortilla or bread?
It’s hard to resist, the trick is serving yourself. A smaller portion of the other starches on your plate instead of to complete your meal.

Know everything about Balanced diet and how to get it.

Add some Drinks also
Add a drink like unsweetened coffee tea or a glass of milk. But, remember that drinking 8 ounces of milk affects your blood sugar. Just as, it would if you ate another tortilla or a slice of bread or you can also choose water with a squeeze of lemon or lime.

How you create your plate is up to you. You have many options as long as you remember to follow these healthy guidelines and you’re all set.

Plate Method for Vegetable Beef Soup You might be thinking about how can you use a plating method to make vegetable beef soup or other meals. Simply follow the same idea, fill your pot with low sodium broth and lots of healthy vegetables like corned, cabbage, zucchini, carrots and onions and some lean beef. But not too much just like you’d put on a quarter of your plate for each person. You’re serving if you want to add your favorite type of bread on the side and you’ve got the right amount for a healthy meal. Happy Fooding!


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