What Is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Various AI Marketing Platforms

An Overview on AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a concept that applies to any type of technology that can learn by becoming wiser. That’s a fairly broad term, one that encompasses both fictional entities like Skynet and Cylons—which are far away from the actual reality of how Artificial intelligence works—and the much more realistic products we’re seeing in many industries that use machine learning to facilitate professionals in making important choices. So in this post, we will learn about that what is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) and what are the various AI Marketing Platforms.

AI Marketing Platforms is becoming more prevalent in a wide range of products, according to Gartner, who predicts that AI will be ubiquitous by 2020.

AI Marketing Platforms is also one of the fastest-growing marketing innovations, according to Business Insider, with a compound annual growth rate of 53 percent year over year.

What to Look for in a Marketing Platform with Artificial Intelligence

AI can be generalized to a wide range of problems, as vendors have obviously noticed, expanding what products can already do with ever improved performance. However, AI, like every other form of technology, will not solve any problems by itself. How much it will support you is wholly reliant on how you use it.
When it comes to getting started with an AI Marketing Platform, asking the right questions will help you make the best decision.

Is it able to help you with unique marketing issues?

AI technology is fascinating. It might not be on par with flying cars or personal jetpacks, but it has the feel of the future, even as it has become a part of our everyday lives. The more cool or innovative a technology is, the more advertisers risk succumbing to “shiny object syndrome,” which is the propensity to buy a product because it impresses you rather than because it fulfills a real need.

Ask yourself what particular problems need to be solved before investing in an AI marketing platform (or any martech, for that matter). Is the product going to be able to assist you with your requirements? If not, it is unlikely to be worthwhile.

AI Products for Content Strategy

A well-developed content strategy is the foundation of every successful content marketing campaign. A successful content strategy combines human insights with data on what works to produce a winning combination. For the latter part of the process, AI marketing platform may help marketers’ better parse the data they have in order to build more accurate personas, more useful targets, and a stronger marketing strategy for their brand.


HubSpot, as one of the most popular CMS options on the market, offers a wide range of features and functionality to clients, including a few that are powered by AI marketing tools. HubSpot, in particular, employs machine learning to assist consumers in better comprehending the key topics and trends that produce the desired outcomes for both customers and search engines.

It offers data-backed subject recommendations on which you can base your content strategy. It also uses data from previous leads and current customers to forecast lead scoring, allowing you to identify and prioritize the most important leads.


Concured is a content strategy platform operated by AI marketing automation. The product uses data and machine learning to suggest content topics based on what your audience reacts to, to identify holes in the content already available in your industry, and to provide recommendations for the best content to promote in order to make your content marketing go further.


MarketMuse analyses a company’s content and compares it to thousands of other websites addressing the same topics using machine learning and natural language processing. It provides subject ideas to flesh out your approach and suggestions on how to develop your content as you build it based on the comparison.

AI Marketing Platforms can assist in a wide variety of functions, including content marketing, PPC, email marketing, creative design, B2B, and more.

AI Products for Content Creation

The first step in content marketing is to develop a solid content plan, but one of the most difficult ongoing tasks is producing new content. A variety of AI marketing tools in the content development process by reviewing existing content and looking for data-backed ways to enhance it.

Atomic Reach

Atomic Reach is a content intelligence network powered by artificial intelligence. The software analyses content you’ve already created or are in the process of creating and assigns a score based on a variety of linguistic measures to help you judge the quality and maintain consistency in your tone across items. It also analyses the data from your content performance and makes conversion recommendations to help you improve your conversion rates.


Where our first category’s goods assist you in developing a content plan, Acrolinx assists you in ensuring that the content you produce is consistent with your strategy. You give the tool any rules you’ve written, and it gives you real-time feedback about how well your content adheres to them.
The product learns from the content it analyses over time and can provide more accurate measurements on how to develop the content you produce.


Brightedge‘s SEO platform has an AI marketing automation feature called Insights. The tool analyses millions of web pages to give clients specific action items to boost their SEO, including tips about how to change your content for better performance.

Some Other AI Marketing Tools for Business Growth (Free & Paid)

KafkaiArimoHowler AI AI-Writer
Exceed.aiConversion.ai NetBaseNode 
Atomic ReachPattern89Seamless.aiSynthesia

AI Products for Email Marketing

Because of the impressive ROI (return on investment), email marketing is one of the most effective online marketing strategies. However, by using AI martech tools that turn data into simple insights on how to write more successful emails, you can boost your ROI.


Nothing else in your email matters if the subject line doesn’t entice readers to open it. Phrasee is an artificial intelligence (AI) platform that assists companies in writing better subject lines. The tool creates a custom algorithm for your brand voice and uses a natural language generation method to produce subject lines that have been shown to work well in the past.


Optimail allows you to specify your primary email marketing objectives. Then, with an email you send, it analyses the results and gives you recommendations for improving your campaigns over time to help achieve those goals. The more you use the product, the more it understands what works best for your mailing list.


Automizy is an email marketing platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help you write better subject lines and choose the best ones to try each time. It scores your subject line based on its likelihood of success by comparing it to all previous Automizy email campaigns, and it allows you to A/B test various choices to boost your own performance and offer the tool more data to work with.

AI Products for Promotion

People must be able to find your website and content in order for it to be successful. Pay-per-click ads and social media are essential promotional channels in any successful marketing strategy. Artificial intelligence (AI) software will now assist you in getting better results from your promotion campaigns.


Albert is a self-learning marketing platform that creates marketing campaigns automatically based on historical data. Both paid search and social media campaigns fall into this category. It can refine strategies for better ROI over time by enhancing targeting and cross-channel execution.


Sprinklr, a social media management app, has unveiled a new AI-powered feature that analyses millions of social media messages across channels in order to better understand what people are doing on social media and how they respond to brands.

With reminders about conversations to monitor and insights into how to prioritise consumer interactions, the app helps brands navigate their social profiles more effectively.


Cortex is an AI-powered social media management tool that analyses millions of data points from various brands on social media to figure out what people want. It employs this data to assist businesses in determining when and when to post on social media in order to achieve the best results.

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The Closing Words

So this discussion is conveying the idea of the latest growth of modern technology. Hopefully, this piece of writing is surely giving the all-inclusive objectives on the AIs and their contribution to the sector of digital marketing.

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