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Have a look on the latest feature of Google Chrome- the grouping tab feature on Android and its user manual.


Google is putting hard efforts to improve its characteristics and offerings to the users for browsing through Chrome. Such an addition is group tab feature for Android users. It is important to be said that this feature has been already accessible for the desktop users. By and by Google is offering this to the Android users.

It can be spotted from 9to5Google and Google Chrome that the Tab Grouping in Androids would be shown in a Grid View. Before it has been perceived by you the Chore browser’s tabs have been shown in upright direction. This may block the content’s preview and also makes scrolling the tabs resilient if there are more opened tabs.

Google has initiated the latest update for Chrome as they have realised that Android users are also should be able to access tab grouping facility on their mobiles. It can be opined that right now tab grouping is the most featured facility offered by Google Chrome. The greater thing is that Tab Grouping in Android is now available. Therefore you need to know the facts about tab grouping in Android.

Google Chrome Tab Grouping in Android- How to use it

Here the relevant points regarding Tab Grouping in Android will be discussed as it can be obliging to the Android users. You are just required to follow the process-

  • To see the view press the number icon.
  • Go the address bar and get the ‘grid view’.
  • The tabs will be appearing here.
  • To make group of two or more tabs just need to drag those to a tab.

It is also known that the Tab Grouping in Android available along with iOS as well.

Customary, the icon of the new tab will be appeared on the top of the left with a ‘+’ sign. Apart from that the arrangement of the incognito tabs are redecorated with this feature. Now, you can find a toggle switch to access which appears on the top in the Grid view.

If you are desired to close or discontinue the Tab Grouping in Android then use ‘x’ or just have to swipe left or right as usual.  Please do remember to take out the tabs insight before closing if you have really important documents in it.

How to get the new grid layout?


Google has putted an extra effort to make the feature of Tab Grouping in Android better and user friendly. According to 9to5Google it can be known that, the latest layout of the new tab will be configured by default on any handset belongs to Android which is using the Google Chrome already. But it can be also known from 9to5Google that if the user is updating the Chrome to the latest version still he or she cannot able to access the new layout of tabs. It can only happen if the user can set it manually by going through ‘chrome://flags/#enable-tab-grid-layout’ on the top. After this procedure the user have to restart the app reportedly for two times. And there after the user could be able to see the new layout.

How to group tabs together?


When the user is able to set the new layout and the layout is absolutely ready to run, then the user is all set to drag the tabs and place the tabs on a place here the group will be created. It seems quite indistinguishable to the process to how the Android apps are used to place on each other for creating a folder.

The Google has added an extra feature to Tab Grouping in Android. The feature is to that if you are not involved with dropping or dragging Chrome will be still opened with the new tab group when you are going to open a link in an another tab. Apart from that, when the user is opening a page in a secondary tab then also the group tab will be opened to him or her. The feature is going to be greatly utilized while anyone is going to shop anything from Amazon or such online shopping platforms. As it can be very helpful to compare two or more than that items at a glance.


It can be said undoubtedly that Google has brought an extraordinary feature to the Chrome users. But it can be also said that there is requirements to improve this feature to a large aspect, so that it would be greatly appreciated to all the Android users. Definitely there is plans by the Google’s side to make Tab Grouping feature excellent and wrathful. It can be assumed that all the relevant features like assign a certain colour or theme will be accessed by the Android users very soon.

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