Wordle Today, Puzzle 357: Here’s The Answer of Today’s Wordle, Hints For June 11

The Preface- The Answer of Today’s Wordle

Hello and welcome to the weekend, as well as a new Wordle! Of course, figuring it out on your own is preferable, but if you get stuck and start to worry about your streak, we’ve got some suggestions and hints to assist you figure it out. If you want to get right to the point, you’ll soon be able to jump to the bottom of this post to find the answer to the Wordle #357 from June 11th. In the meantime, scroll down for some helpful hints, hints, and strategies. This post is included with detailed information on the Answer of Today’s Wordle for 11th June, 2022. Please have a look.

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Clues and hints for Today’s Wordle Answer

When using Wordle, the answer is sometimes there in front of your eyes. But, while you may appear calm to onlookers, your small legs are kicking furiously beneath the water, attempting to come up with a decent guess.
Here are a few presumably well-placed pointers to keep you from going blank.
Your cues are as follows:

  • The answer contains 3 vowels.
  • 1 of the vowels is repeated in the 2nd and 3rd position.
  • The first 3 letters spell out a synonym for gelatinous ooze.

Today’s Wordle Answer June 11

Today’s Wordle answer is goose.
Goose has roots in Old Norse, Dutch, and German, as well as their hypothesised ancestral language, Proto-Germanic, where similar terms have historically referred to the enormous honking waterbird.
But it’s with the goose’s irregular plural “geese” that things get interesting. This is an i-mutation, which means that instead of adding a suffix, the vowel sound changes to make the plural form.
Words like “tooth” and “teeth,” as well as “foot” and “feet,” are common examples.
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