World Hepatitis Day 2022 Quotes, Slogans, Messages, Wishes and More

To Start With,

World Hepatitis Day is celebrated on July 28th all across the world. Share hepatitis quotes and sayings with your loved ones to send them well wishes and to raise awareness of the illness and the necessary measures. Use World Hepatitis Day Quotes, poster themes and messaging to raise the much-needed awareness of this disease. Wish everyone on Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram with the motivational and memorable hepatitis slogans and sayings. Read: Regardless Of Genetic Relationship, Fathers and Children’s Depression Is Linked- A Study

World Hepatitis Day 2020

To promote awareness of the disease hepatitis, its causes, symptoms, etc., it is observed on July 28. Let’s have a look at some sayings, quotes, and catchphrases that we can use to spread awareness of the condition on this day. The hepatitis virus has five strains: A, B, C, D, and E. They all contribute to liver disease, but they differ in crucial respects such as means of transmission, sickness severity, geographic distribution, and prevention strategies. Basically, types B and C cause chronic illness and are jointly the most common cause of cancer, viral hepatitis-related deaths, and liver cirrhosis. Do you know that 325 million people worldwide have hepatitis B or C, and that there is currently no cure despite extensive testing? Read Also: Flu vaccination is associated with a 40% lower incidence of Alzheimer’s disease

Hepatitis quotes and messages for World Hepatitis Day

“Let us come together to fight against hepatitis and not surrender to this disease. Happy World Hepatitis Day to all.”

“On the occasion of World Hepatitis Day, let us promise that we will never neglect our health and never let anyone else neglect it as well.”

“If you want to give someone anything, give them your love and not hepatitis. Stay safe and stay healthy. Warm wishes on World Hepatitis Day.”

“You can make a lot of difference by taking some precautions and by being aware of hepatitis. Wishing everyone a very Happy World Hepatitis Day.”

“Let us stand with those who are suffering from hepatitis to let them know that they are not all alone in this fight. Happy World Hepatitis Day.”

“If we will not open our eyes towards the increasing number of people dying due to hepatitis then we will never wake up to the threat. Warm wishes on World Hepatitis Day.”

“Ignoring hepatitis will make the situation worse. Learning more about it and taking precautions will bring the desired change. Wishing a very Happy World Hepatitis Day.”

Messages on World Hepatitis Day Posters

“Each and every step towards saving a life from hepatitis matters. Happy World Hepatitis Day.”

“Don’t forget to take a vaccine for hepatitis for your safety and health. Warm wishes on World Hepatitis Day.”

“You may not always be able to see the hepatitis symptoms. So always be aware and beware. Happy World Hepatitis Day.”

“Being vigilant about hepatitis can save many lives. Happy World Hepatitis Day.”

Engaging Hepatitis Slogans

Don’t ignore hepatitis, face it!!

Don’t let your life pay the price. Stay safe from hepatitis.

Being aware of hepatitis is the first step towards fighting against it.

Fighting against hepatitis is the solution for this disease.

Ignorance is the main reason for hepatitis.

We can fight the war against hepatitis together.

It is your call- prevent hepatitis or else look for its cure.

Waking up to hepatitis can save your life.

Don’t let hepatitis rule your life.

Hepatitis needs our attention.

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