11 Visa-Free Overseas Travel Destinations For Indian

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Traveling is not the only fabulous thing, but an incredible experience too that anyone can enact. Everyone must take a break from their busy schedule and should make a tour once a year. People should opt for an unknown place. Our country India is full of aesthetic appealing sights to dig in. but everyone also should keep on their other exciting notes on the far side. To feed this thurst people usually make a trip to overseas spots by obtaining various formalities. There are certain rules to be followed by the travelers to legally set foot into the abroad countries. Many travelers got depressed by the prolonged process of Visas, and have to postpone their trip abroad. Getting a Visa for foreign countries travelers might get faced any inconvenience. Never the fewer travelers will be very pleased to hear that there are several foreign countries where Indian citizens are capable to visit without a visa. Here the countries that can be visited without a visa if you are an Indian.

1. Bhutan

Bhutan is placed in the lower hills of the Himalayas. This country embraces its tourists with the warmth of heart and satisfies them with the scenic beauty of monasteries. This one a visa-free country for Indian citizens. So the tourists only needed to be passport holders. Paro city has the only airport in Bhutan. Through Druk airlines from New Delhi and Kolkata arrived here. People seeking mental peace can visit the spots in Bhutan such as Dochu La Pass, Gangtey, Paro, Thimpu, Taktsang, and Lakhang.

2. Dominica

Among Caribbean islands, Dominica is a mountainous nation. This place is ideal for a beach vacation. It is another very pleasing option for the visa-free country for Indians. This island has lavish green forests and is surrounded by few mountains. Also has more than 300 rivers and the second-largest hot spring in the world.- boiling lake. There are no direct flights available but students can get connecting flights from India.

3. Mauritius

Hearing the name Mauritius, one can surely choose this place as a honeymoon destination. Apart from that tourist can opt it for family trips. Loads of things can be done in Mauritius. From snorkeling to scuba every adventurous option is present here. We Indians are surely blessed as Mauritius is also a visa-free country for Indians.

4. Jamaica

Reminding about Jamaica, snaps of a lazy day on seasides twinkles in our minds. Jamaica portrays as an incredibly beautiful tropical island. It has succulent hilly forests, sea costs with coral reefs. In Jamaica, tourists can experience wonderful sightseeing options as well as great nightlife. Here also visa is not required for Indian tourists.

5. Fiji

Fiji is the land of blue lagoons, beaches spotted with palm trees, and the best seaside views, Fiji is another best option for visa-free country Indians. Fiji shapes miraculous pictures of an entrancing island. It has lots more to be explored like Danaraw Island, Mount Tomanivi, Sawa-i-tau, Bouma National Heritage Park, and Navala village.

6. El Salvador

El Salvador is a very small size country which is situated in Central America. It is usually unrecognized by many. This American city is also a visa-free country for Indians. El Salvador has a flourishing nightlife and very rich arts and culture prospects. This small country has surfing options on beaches, coffee farms near the volcano region, energetic Spanish colonial towns, and influencing national parks.

7. Hong Kong

A handful of people know that Hong Kong belongs as the visa-free country for Indians for 14 days to passport holders. Fly directly to Hong Kong from India and experience the closest Disneyland. Hong Kong is one of the most throbbing countries in Asia, which presents blooming nightlife and it is a heart for shop alcoholics.

8. Nepal

Nepal is one of the bordering countries of India. Nepal does not demand any type of visa as well Indian passport for entering the country. Tourists just need valid ID proof from the Indian government. This tiny country is placed on the foothills of the Himalaya and attracts travelers with its immense beauty.

9. Cook Islands

Cook island is situated in the South Pacific ocean. It is the shelter of 15 widely separated islands. This place has a cheerful café culture, a budding innovatively organic food arena, and a variety of bars and clubs. Here you can find adventurous sea-land sports like scuba diving, paddle boats, etc. this is a place that is a visa-free country for Indians can stay up to 31 days.

10. Macao

Macao or Macau is a special governmental province of the People’s Republic of China. It is also considered Asia’s Las Vegas. Macau is one of the wealthiest destinations in the world. An entrancing fact about Macao is that Indian citizens do not require a tourist visa to explore its beauty. Indians can stay in this beautiful place for up to 30 days.

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11 Visa-Free Overseas Travel Destinations For Indian

11. Samoa

Samoa is a naturally beautiful country that is a combination of several islands. It has self-lined seasides, lavish forests, and picturesque waterfalls. Upolu is the most inhabited island of Samoa. But major islands of this country contains small villages. Indian tourists can stay up to 60 days in Samoa, as it is one of the visa-free countries for Indians.

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