How To Get Voter ID card After Applying Online 2022 (Banne Ke Bad Naya Voter Card Kaise Milega)?

The Starting

You must have a number of documents to prove yourself as a citizen of India. This document is one of the voter ID cards. However, many do not know that Voter ID Card can be made online. After creating a voter ID card online, many may have doubts about how you will get it. This is my post today to clear up these two kinds of doubts. So let’s find out how to How To Get Voter Id Card After Applying Online. Read the full article to know more.

Processes of obtaining Voter ID Card after applying

The general procedure when you apply for a voter card can usually reach you in two ways once After Apply How We Get Voter Card.

Method 1: The first method is that the voter card will be sent to your home address by the Election Commission. The envelope that arrives at your home will include a voter ID card made of plastic paper and a letter. In addition, your application ID will be included in the proof that you have been subjected to the Election Commission to vote.

Method 2: If in any case, your voter ID card does not reach your home in this manner then you need to go to your nearest public service center. And from there you will get your voter card. If you ever lose your voter ID card, you can recover it from your nearest public service center.

An additional method for obtaining your Voter ID Card

And if after some effort your voter card does not reach you, you need to contact your Booth Level Office. And if you need to apply for a new voter card, you have to do so. BLO is the representative of the Election Commission in your area. So you can get all the help from him in this matter.

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How to check the online progress of your applied Voter ID Card

We are frequently asked a question by numerous people- “Banne Ke Bad Naya Voter Card Kaise Milega?” Let us now discuss how you can view the status of your Voter ID Card online. To check the progress of your Voter ID Card, go to Google Browser and click on

Then go there and click on Track Application Status. A new app will open in front of you where you have to enter your voter ID card number. You will then see on the screen how much your voter ID card has been created. Here you can see exactly which day you applied for the voter ID card. And then how it has been continuously progressive.

The Bottom Line

Then from the whole discussion, it is understood that after applying for the voter ID card, if all the procedures are correct, it will automatically reach your home address.

If necessary, you can first check online when it is about to reach your home address. And if it does not reach your home after the specified time, then you need to follow the above procedure.

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Is voter ID and Epic Number same?

It can also be used as a travel document for land or air travel to Nepal and Bhutan. Electors Photo Identity Card is another name for it (EPIC). It was initially implemented in 1993, during the time of Chief Election Commissioner T. N. Ramachandran.

Is Aadhaar card valid for address proof for voter ID?

Evidence of address (any of the following) or proof of residency. It could include a copy of your passport (both front and back pages), a recent gas bill, a recent water bill, a Ration Card, a bank passbook or statement with your photograph confirmed by a bank employee, an Aadhaar Card, and so on.

What is E epic?

The EPIC in e-EPIC format is a secure portable document format (PDF) version that may be downloaded to a mobile device or printed from a computer. A voter can then save the card on his or her phone, upload it as a PDF to Digi locker, or print and laminate it themselves.

How can I get duplicate voter ID card in Kerala?

If you have misplaced your Elector Photo Identity Card (EPIC) and need a replacement, fill out Form EPIC 001. If you don’t know your voter ID card number, you can use our search tool (click here).

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