The Best Platforms for Study Abroad with Some Eligible Scholarship Programs

The Start

International education has grown incredibly popular among Indian students over time. However, Covid-19 brought about a global shutdown of the sector. A shift from offline to hybrid to online learning was observed in the study abroad sector as a logical evolution. After Covid-19 completed its first year, students can now look forward to planning their study abroad aspirations for the upcoming fall of 2022.

Here are a few resources that can assist you in studying abroad in 2022 so that you can make the best decision and invest in a promising future. This post will definitely make our readers aware about The Best Platforms for Study Abroad. So stay tuned until we discuss it. Read: Italy’s Top 10 Scholarships for International Students Who Can’t Afford to Study Abroad

4 Scholarships Programs That Are Good Enough For the Students Want To Study Abroad

Scholarships that you qualify for are commonly listed by organisations that provide study abroad programmes. We are suggesting four very efficient platforms that are really good for types of students to make sure that they are in good hands while studying abroad along with different scholarship programs.

Study  Group

Study Group collaborates with universities all over the world to deliver academic pathway programmes (such as Foundation Year, International Year 1/Diploma, and Pre-Masters courses), which increase the access of thousands of international students to high-quality, global higher education opportunities each year, in all subject areas. They have developed partnerships with universities in the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and North America over the past 25 years to support successful student progression to higher education and employment, and as a result, they have established a market-leading position in the global education sector. The procedure is made simple for the kids by guiding them through a variety of colleges and the greatest scholarship options available to them. Read Also: Check Answer, Key Details and Other Updates for TS TET 2022 Result Date Announced

The British Council

A brand-new Creative Economies Scholarship programme is offered by the British Council. In accordance with this, the Council will offer 10 scholarships to Indian students and young professionals who wish to enrol in postgraduate programmes in culture policy and arts administration at four UK universities. The four participating universities—College King’s London, University of Glasgow, Birmingham City University, and Goldsmiths University of London—will accept applications directly from candidates interested in the programme.


The largest scholarship network in India, with the goal of providing everyone with access to high-quality education. Buddy4Study, an initiative of alumni from IIT, IIM, and BITS Pilani, gathers information about international scholarships and makes education more accessible by connecting scholarship and education loan providers with searchers. Through foreign and domestic scholarships, it has assisted more than 45,000 students in receiving awards totaling more than Rs 50 crore.

Leap Scholar

Leap Scholar, the largest international study abroad platform in South Asia offering products and services for international education, was established in 2019. It boasts a strong student community of more than 1 million people and aspires to create a network of talented Indian students interested in studying abroad with the goal of assisting future leaders in pursuing their careers abroad.

The Final Take

According to the Indian Ministry of External Affairs, 11,33,749 Indian students had left the country as of July 2021. Despite the pandemic taking over, more than 91% of Indian students stated a strong desire to study abroad as soon as they had the chance. All the four platforms discussed on the upper section are certainly increasing the tendency of study abroad within a affordable manner for Indian students in fact in the year 2022 and hope to boost the number on upcoming years greatly.

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