Top 5 Best Cleaner Software to Speed Up your Mac

You obviously need your Mac to perform at full speed without any issues like screen freezing or blue screen of death! To ensure this, you will need to clean up your system regularly and keep it up to date; well, there are many parts to keeping your Mac up to date.

There is performance-boosting, memory optimization, removing malware attacks, managing data, deleting junk from the system, uninstalling apps & removing residues along with it, etc. You can find software that can help you will all the activities mentioned above. We have compiled a list of 5 software that will help you with cleaning your Mac.


This software will scan and remove all the malware that is present in your Mac. The software operates in drag-and-drop mode. It has visual as well as textual information on the way the disk is used. It is absolutely easy to install and operate. Apart from everything else, this software also helps in cleaning the cache memory of your Mac; without much of effort, you will be able to remove apps that you do not use. If you use this software, you will see that you are able to clean out multiple GBs of space, within no time, apart from repairing your disk.


Can be operated with just a few clicks
Flushed DNS Cache, & frees up space in RAM
Free trial of the software is available

CCleaner for Mac

This is quite a professional tool that was originally created by Piriform in the year 2004. This software has a cloud network and depending upon the usage, you can use the technician tools of CCleaner. You should go for the premium version of the software, because it comes loaded with a variety of features, like free updates, live alerts, and a strong back-end customer support team.

The software basically has three tabs, Cleaner, Tools & Options; you will find all the functional aspects of the software, within these three tabs. This tool has become even more acceptable because it is simple to use and it gives accurate results. Get the product at the best price, use the CCleaner promo codes at checkout for better discounts.


This software helps in scanning junk files in real time
Internet browsing becomes safer with this software
A plethora of optimization tools
Free version of the software has a lot of features

Disk Doctor

This Mac cleaning software was developed in the UK, and at one point in time, it was awarded ‘Mac Gem’ by MacWorld. There are many tech people who actually appreciated the functional aspects of the software. There are more than 1 million users of this software, because this software clears up Gigabytes of junk without much of an effort.

The best part about the software is that it rectifies all kinds of possible errors and make improvements in hidden preferences. It basically scans 6 areas of your phone (like browser cache, application cache, etc), broken login areas, etc. This means that you will be able to discard junk from your phone without the tension of removing something important by accident.


The app checks out unneeded files automatically, and remove them accordingly (like iTunes temporary files)
Simple interface
Compact utility

AVG TuneUp Premium

This software is quite a powerful engine that can clean your Mac within no time. This software comes with a lot of features, but the user interface of this software is very friendly which has made AVG TuneUp so popular. If duplicate photos are troubling you a lot, then you can definitely choose this software to do the work. You can use the finding images module of this software and use it to optimise your Mac.


You can access this software in multiple languages
You get access to a lot of optimization features with the premium version of software
It helps you get a stable network so that you perform more & more tasks
You will be able to uninstall apps effortlessly, without leaving any residue
Removes duplicate files and unwanted data from Mac


OnyX is a very small software that weighs only 5MB, but is extremely effective in cleaning your Mac. This software is developed by Titanium software. With this software, you will be able to automate all the cleaning jobs, like cache deletion and disk cleaning. Some other jobs that can be performed with the help of OnyX are color coding of various folders in Mac and making some folders invisible. Since you will be getting all these features for free, you do not really have much to complain about!

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It cleans under-the-surface-files like internal databases & logs history
One of the best software for verifying startup disk
Helps in proper structuring of system files
Helps in configuring various parameters
It can effortlessly uninstall Widgets from Mac
The software can be used in multiple languages
This is one of the greatest apps for startup optimization

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