Twitter Becomes First Social Media Firm to Allow Cannabis Ads

Starting the Discussion

Twitter will let marijuana businesses use the platform to advertise in the US. On Wednesday, Twitter revised its advertising guidelines, making it the first US social media network to permit cannabis advertising. According to the business, cannabis businesses may advertise as long as they possess the necessary documentation, have been approved through the company’s multi-stage process, are limited to the jurisdictions in which they have a license to operate, and do not specifically target individuals under the age of 21. Know how Twitter Becomes First Social Media Firm to Allow Cannabis Ads in this discussion with details.

According to Twitter, the loosened regulations are intended to increase prospects for “ethical cannabis promotion.”

Permitted Advertisement

While Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok have adopted a “no cannabis advertising policy,” unlike Twitter, which previously only permitted advertising for topical CBD products derived from hemp, cannabis is still banned in the US on a federal level. Twitter might have a chance, though, as more states move towards legalizing the sale of recreational marijuana, with 21 states already on board, according to a Reuters report.

According to Twitter’s “Cannabis Ad Policy,” cannabis businesses may promote their goods so long as they are properly licensed and adhere to the rules. After Twitter made its statement, the majority of cannabis businesses jumped at the chance to adopt its suggestions. On the platform, businesses like Trulieve Cannabis have already started a multi-state campaign.

The Majority of Cannabis Businesses

The majority of cannabis businesses embraced the Twitter-recommended changes right away after the announcement. On the platform, businesses like Trulieve Cannabis have already started a multi-state campaign. According to Kate Lynch of Curaleaf, the largest cannabis business operating in the US, “this shift speaks to the rising acceptance of cannabis as a mainstream wellness category, and we are confident it will serve as a catalyst for other social media platforms to follow suit,” according to Reuters.

The US cannabis sector has exhibited indications of stalling in the face of regulatory and economic hurdles, including lowering prices and customer poaching by an illicit market, after experiencing a rise in sales during the early stages of the pandemic. Thus, Twitter’s action can provide the sector a big boost.

What is the new advertising policy?

As per Twitter’s “Cannabis Ad Policy,” marketers must have prior approval from the company and relevant regulatory bodies in both the US and Canada.

Wrapping Up

They are only permitted to advertise these goods or services in places where they have a license to do so, and they cannot specifically target customers under the age of 21. Additionally, in the US, advertisements cannot directly advocate or sell the sale of cannabis or CBD unless they are for topical, non-ingestible CBD products made from hemp that meet government-specified THC limits of less than 0.3 percent.

The revised policy also includes a number of other limitations. For instance, businesses and brands are prohibited from using any figure, athlete, celebrity, or image/icon that might appeal to children. No pregnant people or children may be shown in advertisements, and no false or deceptive claims on health advantages are permitted.

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