Heart failure can be reversed, say doctors at Kolkata symposium

To Start With

Heart failure, which is typically thought to be deadly. Apart from that, heart failure can be reversed with prompt medical attention and a healthy lifestyle, physicians said at a conference on Thursday in Kolkata. Even advanced heart failure can be reversed with the right care. Heart failure in its early stages can quickly become lethal if ignored. Read: VIDEO: Indian Railways TTE Electrocuted When Live Wire Falls @Kharagpur Railway Station

Listen to the Expert’s Opinion

“A heart attack is not a sign of life failure. Heart patients can live healthy lives with the right care, medications, and lifestyle choices. Heart failure can be retracted to its early stages even at advanced stages. Similar to heart failure, early symptoms might get worse if ignored. Dilip Kumar, head of the Medica Institute of Cardiac Sciences, described it as being like a spectrum.

Some alarming numbers

Based on research done on Indians, some startling statistics were given at the meeting.

  • Cardiovascular issues are responsible for 28% of non-communicable disease-related fatalities in India.
  • In India, between 8 and 10 million people get heart failure.
  • Indians are diagnosed with heart failure every 30 seconds.
  • Around 1.6 lakh Indians pass away from heart failure each year. In India, the post-admission mortality rate for heart failure is between 20 and 30 percent.
  • Nearly 50% of heart failure patients pass away within five years of their diagnosis. Read Also: 6 Lakh Indians Data Reportedly Compromised Sold on Dark Web for Rs 490 Each

“Heart failure itself is not a disease. It is a state or a combination of many states. Heart failure can develop if a person has any substrains, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, previous bypass surgeries, cardiomyopathy, or COVID, according to Rabin Chakraborty, senior interventional cardiologist at Medica and conference speaker.

Heart attack and heart failure

Heart attack and heart failure are distinct conditions, according to doctors at the meeting. The heart is unable to pump blood as efficiently or as much as it should, which is known as heart failure. Other organs suffer harm when the heart’s ability to pump blood is weakened. Blood frequently clots, causing fluid to build up in the legs and lungs. Shortness of breath and edema may be brought on by the accumulation. On the other hand, a heart attack is a medical emergency. It typically happens when a blood clot obstructs the heart’s blood supply. Without blood, tissues would perish from lack of oxygen.

The Final Take

Chest pain, shortness of breath, fainting, swollen hands and feet, abrupt weight gain, and sudden weakness or exhaustion are some of the signs of heart failure. A tightness or soreness in the chest, neck, back, or arms, exhaustion, an irregular heartbeat, and worry are all signs of a heart attack. The three main objectives of treating heart failure, according to Kumar, are to raise survival rates, lower hospitalization rates, and enhance quality of life.

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