Donald Trump, the former president, could benefit from bad news for Twitter. Please have a look on the story.

Trump stated, "He told me he voted for me. Also stating that "Elon is not going to buy Twitter," he followed up with, "Where did you hear that before?"

Truth Social, a Twitter-like app owned by Trump Media & Technology Group, is what the president currently uses after being barred from both platforms in January 2021.

Trump urged people to "sign up for Truth," a faltering social network. We cherish the truth, let's find it.

Musk stated in May, "I do think it was a mistake to ban Donald Trump, I think that was a mistake. "I would lift the permanent ban. Perma-bans should not be used."

The board members of Digital World Acquisition Corp. were served subpoenas by a federal grand jury in the Southern District, the company announced in a regulatory filing late last month.

Late last month, the business declared in a regulatory filing. For the year, shares have decreased by more than 50%.

The corporation stated in response that "we encourage — and will cooperate with — oversight that supports the SEC's essential objective of protecting retail investors" after the disclosure.