The second-most valuable brand in the world wasn't always Google. It was an obedient digital puppy that just found and got things for internet users repeatedly

Larry (Lawrence) Page and Sergey Brin stumbled upon each other. It's one of the most fascinating facts ever.

 BackRub was the initial name of Google. In 1996, Page and Brin worked together on the trailblazing idea of a "web crawler," which they oddly called BackRub.

The word "googol" is a play on Google. The domain name for their mushrooming project as Google on September 15, 1997, over the BackRub title.

 Stick figures from Burning Man appeared on Google's first doodle. Page and Brin produced the first doodle as an out-of-office message in August 1998.

A leased garage served as Google's first workplace. So typical of a Silicon Valley start-up, yes? from September 1998 onwards.

The Grateful Dead's former caterer served as Google's first chef. Chef Charlie Ayers triumphed in a cook-off judged by a Google employee in 1999.

At the 86th Street Starbucks, Google New York first got started. At a Starbucks in New York City, Google unofficially launched its New York branch in 2000.

Google search has a language preference for Swedish Chef. Who knew?- Gurndy morn-dee burn-dee. Google is the Best Search Engine.

 Gmail was undoubtedly introduced on April 1st. Playing with the long-standing custom of executing April Fool's Day pranks in Silicon Valley.

An enthusiastic fact to complete the story- At Denny's, Google discussed the purchase of YouTube over mozzarella sticks.

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