World’s Top 10 Best Countries to Study Abroad

A successful life contains a successful career. As the world is getting advanced new doors are opening to build up one’s career. In some novels, we can see the characters who have just come back after completing their studies from a foreign country.

The respect, the reputation they get from their native land is really a dream of many. Nowadays as the number of students is increasing the competition is getting tougher day by day.

One’s CV talks for that individual and gets selected among lakhs of short-listed candidates. So to make that boasting neighbor more jealous, to have a wonderful career opting to study abroad is really a good and bold choice.

Now many factors should be kept in mind after making this decision. One decision follows a chain of other decisions, eventually, those many decisions make that big decision successful. The place where one is going to spend their crucial time should have some qualities like.

The city should provide foreign students with the best security, favorable atmosphere and the crime rate of that city should below
• Basic needs like water, food, shelter, clothes should be of affordable price. Transportation should be of low cost. Eco-friendly vehicles such as cycles should be available.
• Emergency services should be available 24/7.
• Medical services, bank services should be good.

Keeping all these in mind now let’s look at why one should opt for a foreign university. There are many reasons to be a foreigner for some time.

• One gets the chance to meet new people, new culture. This is good to build one’s character as one becomes more sensitive to others of a different culture.
• One becomes multilingual as one has to know the local language to survive there smoothly. Knowing several languages opens lots of opportunities. The student can study the books in their local languages. The chances of getting cheated become low.
• Though mom cooks the best we often like to give our taste buds some new experience. So a whole range of new foods one gets to taste there.
• New skills, new experience makes one richer. Handling a situation completely by oneself makes one strong and confident
• True independence can be experienced in a foreign country. One becomes more sensible and learns to stay within their budget.
• Opportunities in the job front are many. The salary is also high. And the chance to get a job in one’s native land gets higher.
• Visiting new places gives one a greater sense of the world. The new currency, new education policy, the new government gives one a new life and outlook.

Now some places are listed here where you can study.

• Germany
• Spain
• United states
• Italy
• France
• United Kingdom.
• Canada
• Sweden
• New Zealand
• Australia
• Poland
• Norway

The above list of countries are definitely different in culture, economy, education but some things are common in them. As said there is unity in diversity.

• Some old and famous universities are here to welcome the merits. Golden educational opportunities, best teachers one can get.
• The education in Germany is really cheap as they don’t take any tuition fees. Even Scholarships are also available for the students in these countries.
• These countries are more prone to teach students with technological help. Technology is really advanced in these countries.
• Wanderlust can get fulfilled because of many beautiful places to visit. Those places seen in a calendar are no longer places of dreams
• Employment rate is high in these countries. There are a variety of opportunities for job seekers. And the salary is also high.
• These countries provide opportunities to students to become multilingual. As language is a way to one’s heart.
• In fact of security, these countries ‘ crime rates are really low.

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Though the decision to study abroad is really good for one’s career the decision is quite tough also as one has to live there all alone for the first time. It will be not easy to adapt to a completely new country in some days but patience and perseverance will give the best result.

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