How to Fix 404 Not Found Error in WordPress

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Let’s have a discussion on How to Fix 404 Not Found Error in WordPress. WordPress is a robust content management system. A minor change might sometimes render your website inaccessible. Finding a remedy to any WordPress issue, on the other hand, is quite simple (check out how to properly ask for WordPress support and get it). We’ve previously discussed some of the most common issues that WordPress users confront. For example, an internal server error or a database connection issue. WordPress posts returning a 404 Error is another typical issue that most WordPress users may encounter at some time. We’ll show you how to fix WordPress articles that return 404 errors in this article.

An Overview on 404 Not Found Error

A user can usually access their WordPress admin area and their blog’s main page in this case, but when they try to visit a single post, they get a 404 Not Found error. First and foremost, don’t be alarmed; most of the time, your posts are still there and unharmed. This commonly occurs when your .htaccess file is removed or when the rewriting rules are broken. You must first correct your permalinks settings.

What Does Error 404 Not Found Actually Mean?

If someone attempts to reach and you don’t have any content with the slug post-name, for example. The visitor will receive a 404 error since the resource requested does not exist, despite the fact that your web server is operational. It’s not simply posts or pages that might cause a 404 problem on the server; any asset that is missing, such as an image file, JavaScript, or CSS, can cause a 404 error. Have the clue from the discussion on How to Fix 404 Error.

What Causes Error 404 Not Found on WordPress?

It’s usually due to a problem with your WordPress site’s permalinks if you notice this error across all of your content. If you only see it on individual pieces of content, it’s most likely because you didn’t put up a redirect when you changed the slug. Furthermore, the WordPress 404 Error WP-Admin isn’t always a bad thing; it’s only bad when it causes usability issues. And other things are simply beyond your control! For example, a person may inadvertently type the erroneous URL into their address bar. They’ll still get a 404 error, but there’s no problem with the way your site is set up in that instance.

Error 404 Not Found Variations

Because error messages are displayed differently in different browsers, you may see a different message for this error. Other typical versions include the following:

  • “404 Not Found”
  • “404 not found” is a common error message.
  • “HTTP Error 404” is a common error message.
  • “No such file or directory”
  • “Page Not Found” is an error message that appears when you try to access a
  • “This server did not have the requested URL.”
  • “The page you are looking for is not available.”
  • “We were unable to locate the page you requested.”
  • “This server could not find the requested URL /. We don’t know anything else.

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Fix for Local Servers

Designers and developers frequently install WordPress on their desktops and test it on a local server. You must activate the rewrite component in your MAMP, WAMP, or XXAMP’s Apache settings if you wish to use beautiful permalinks. We hope this information was helpful in resolving the 404 problems in WordPress posts. Did you find this solution to be effective? Have you found a different solution that worked for you? We want to make this article a one-stop-shop for users that run into this problem.


How do I enable 404 in WordPress?

To edit the 404 error template file in your theme, go to:

  • To access your WordPress admin panel.
  • Select Appearance from the drop-down option.
  • Select the Theme Editor page from the drop-down menu.
  • Check to determine if your theme’s file list includes a 404 Template.
  • Along the right side of the page, click the ‘404 Template’ link.

How do I fix Error 404 Not Found?

Reload the page by pressing F5, clicking/tapping the refresh/reload button, or typing the URL again into the address box.

  • Examine the URL for any problems.
  • Move up one directory level in the URL at a time until you find something.
  • Use a prominent search engine to find the page.

How do you fix it WordPress 404 Not Found Cannot login admin page?

Permalinks should be saved.

  • Saving WordPress permalinks is a simple way for fixing 404 errors in WordPress.
  • Permalinks can be manually reset.
  • Set up 301 redirects for content that has been moved or renamed.
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